Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if these don't answer your question.

How do I select a t-shirt and place an order?

  1. We have a wide variety of shirts to select from in our Catalog
  2. You can simply copy the brand and style number.

3. Select the Get A Quote button, fill out the information.

4. Select the Quantity, Material, and Brand.  Paste the Style Number into the form and submit.

It's a somewhat arcane way of doing things, but we find customers like to get a rough idea of how much it costs before pulling the trigger.


I found this sweet picture on google images, can you print it huge?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to use most images found on the web.  The images need to be high resolution at 300ppi and to the intended size of the print.  Blowing them up typically makes the image blurry and jagged.  Garbage in, garbage out is the mantra around here.


What's the standard print size?

The standard print size is 13"x17"


What's the largest print for a Jumbo size?

The largest print size is 17"x24"


How Do I submit artwork?

You may submit artwork either by e-mailing us info@raygunprinting or in the QUOTE FORM. Please make sure it is in the proper format explained in the Artwork Specification page.


How much Is the setup fee?

Setup fees consist of screens and film positives.  Combined they are $45 per spot color. So if you have a three color design, that will be a one time fee of $135.


if I have a reorder, do I have to pay the setup fee again?

All reorders placed within three months of the original order will only have a $10 re-registration fee per screen.  Example: A reorder of a four color design will be $40. Screens are reclaimed after three months.


What is your turnaround time?

Generally it is seven to ten business days from when the deposit is received.  Spring and summertime is the busy season, so try to contact us a few weeks before the due date if possible!


Do you have a minimum?

No we do not!  Although, it is much more cost effective to order in bulk.


What happens if I can't find the Garment I want?

We are usually able to order pretty much any garment at wholesale, so just let us know the brand and style number.  In the rare occasion we can't access them, you may supply the garments.  They can be shipped directly to us.


I'm missing a few shirts, where are they?

Sometimes shirts can fall behind and get lost in the mix, whether it's the manufacturer or just error from placing the order on our part.  We will do everything in our power to get them to you, we can also refund or credit for future orders.


Can I pay when I pick them up?

We require a 50% deposit or cost of garment before they are ordered and printed.  Remaining balance is to be paid before the items can be taken.


Can you print on this toaster oven?

We have printed on lot's of things, but our primary gig is garment and poster printing, sorry Mr. Toaster!